Adding a patient to your Infinity patients list is easy, here’s how:

  1. Click on a selected patient form you Patients List, this opens the Patient Details for that patient.

  2. From here you can either click on Edit (patient) from the small three line icon located in the top right hand side, or click one of the two top boxes that are showing the patient details.

  3. This will open up the Patient Details edit form. From here you can select and edit the patient's information, including:

  • Patient's name - patient's full name 

  • Patient ID - e.g. NHS number, social security number 

  • Local ID - e.g. local hospital number, institution number

  • Gender - patient's gender | sex

  • Date of Birth - patient's date of birth

  • Title - e.g. reason for admission, procedure, type of care

  • Start Date - e.g. admission date, appointment date

  • End Date - e.g. discharge date, transfer date

  • Location - e.g hospital department, ward,  bed number

3. Once you have finished editing, and have entered at least the *Patient's name and provided a *Description, then by selecting Done the patient's information has now been updated.

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