1. Open Infinity using the Infinity icon on your desktop or menu
  2. Enter your six digit passcode
  3. Select SIGN IN

Once signed into Infinity, all users will see a list of requests that have the status PENDING, ACCEPTED or IN PROGRESS, indicated by the status icon on each task. If there are no requests, the list will be empty. See account basics for more information about the status icon.

Once signed in, clinical staff are presented with a button at the bottom of the screen, labelled REQUEST PORTER.

Porters are presented with three different options, depending on whether they have a request in progress:

  • If there is at least one request that is IN PROGRESS or ACCEPTED by the current user: button = VIEW CURRENT REQUEST
  • If the current user has no ACCCEPTED or IN PROGRESS requests but there is at least one request that is PENDING: button = VIEW NEXT REQUEST
  • If there are no PENDING, ACCEPTED or IN PROGRESS requests: No button
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